Monday, August 4, 2008

Shopaholic Impulse Purchase Crisis Averted

I have cancelled my Sex and the City the Movie inspired purchase. As I wrote in an earlier post, I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway. I just love the high/endorphin rush I experience from shopping. I love completing a purchase and getting home and looking at everything I bought. I also love to come home and discover UPS packages at my front door.

However, I am becoming fiscally responsible and will not give into those middle of the night shopping urges. Here is my conversation with Nordstrom customer service to memorialize this historic moment in the life of Atlanta Cougar.

We've received your message - a customer service representative will be with you shortly. All of our customer service representatives are currently busy. We should be with you very soon. You have been connected to Matthew J.

Matthew J: Hello, AC, and welcome to Nordstrom!
Matthew J: I see your question: How do I cancel a backorder which has been delayed?

AC 370244 is the order number

Matthew J: I can go ahead and assist you with that. May I have your order number and billing address?

AC: Look above for order number. Address is Shoplover's Lane,Atlanta Ga.

Matthew J: For the Maggy London Print Silk Twill Shift Dress?

AC: yes

Matthew J: One more moment as I cancel that for you.

Matthew J: I have that completely cancelled for you, AC. Is there anything else I may assist you with this evening?

AC: Yes, can you help me stop my impulse shopping caused by insomnia ?And refer me to the closest shopaholic anonymous?

Matthew J: Yes, I would be happy to do so.

Matthew J: Okay, I will have that completed for you momentarily. Is there anything else this evening that I may assist you with further?

AC: No, thanks. I appreciate your assistance


inexactscience said...

Frankly, I wasn't really feeling that dress.

Atlanta Cougar said...

Ya know,when I looked at it again, I thought what the fuck was I thinking? Totally impulsive!! Never would have worn it!! Looks too old lady in a tea room and that certainly is not my style!!

A Dating Diary said...

Wow, they are truly all about full customer service! Can they also direct me to a cabana boy??