Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Comment from California Based Friend of Stefan Lemperle Who Would Like To "Set the Record Straight"

I have been contacted by a friend of Stefan Lemperle who requested that I publish the following comments she wrote about him. Here goes:

" Dear AC,

Thank you for understanding and removing my name and initials from (one) of the blogs. ........... Also, I wrote a blog yesterday regarding Stefan and shedding a positive light on him and his character, He and I would both be very appreciative if you could post that. Thank you again for your understanding and support in this matter. Very best regards, ****"

Post from 12/15

"I've kindly asked that the above Post be deleted in it's entirety, and should it not I would like to say that the character assassinations are very hurtful and completely false about Stefan. I've known Stefan for many years and can honestly say that he is a very kind loving gentle man, with the utmost integrity, and as a very close and dear friend it absolutely shocks me that someone would say these things.Please do not write things that are not true, and if you must, how about not remaining ANONYMOUS. The true reality is, NOT Atlanta's House Wives and who is dating who, but that un-truths are being written and people are getting hurt. Let's please stop the nonsense and play fair. Thank You. "

I have honored these requests.

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