Saturday, December 13, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta Insider Information Regarding Kim Zolciak and Stefan Lemperle

I am so happy to receive comments from readers of this blog! I have been blogging sporadically for about a year or so but when I started watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I thought I would use my local flavor and contacts to provide some juicy scoop to other bloggers and blog readers. Before the staggering televison viewer statistics were released by Bravo, I knew that the Housewives was a phenomenon to be reckoned with. For your information, this blog has been accessed more than 30,000 times since the first episode of the Atlanta Housewives. Un friggin believable! In these tough economic times, many people are looking for an escape from the doldrums of their own, included! And I have met so many nice people through this medium such as Scandy, David from Pretty on the Outside, The Kitchen , some anonymous readers and countless others. I have only received one psychotic, vile comment. It was threatening and scarey. Someone from the Kim Zolciak camp and maybe even Kim herself. She/he was upset about my reporting of Brielle's YouTube account. I do moderate my comments and will post any comments as long as they are not fatal attraction/stalkerish. If anyone wants a transcript of these comments, just drop me an email. I will not give the author of this post the sick pleasure of seeing her comments online.

Here is one of my most recent comments from anonymous from is an insider gem.

"LL" is partially correct but as the Cougar Gossip Queen of La Jolla, I do know that *****, is a very well respect "non-cougar" woman and she wouldn't be caught dead with the "Womanizing, Stripper Loving, Porno Addict" like Stefan Lemperle! Although I do have to admit I even had my cougar claws in him at one time and.... Not much to write home about, but what's a good Cougar girl like me to do. At best "Ms. Goody Goody ****" as she's known around town, would be very polite and deliver him on a silver platter to Kim Z! To me I think White Trash Kim and Stefan make a perfect Big Mama and PaPa couple, hopefully they wont make any little wana be country singers! "

Anonymous, thanks for the scoopage! Please do share more of the insider info with us!

xxxxoooo atlanta cougar

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