Friday, December 12, 2008

It appears that Real Housewives Kim Zolciak's friend Stefan Lemperle has a great PR representative!

As a blogger who is interested in the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I peruse the blogosphere on a regular basis to see if I can gather any juicy morsels of information. Last week, in several posts regarding Stefan Lemperle, an anonymous male reader with the initials 'LL" commented with the following response:
"Dr. Stefan Lemperle has an incredible girlfriend in La Jolla, which Kim
couldn't hold a candle to. Rumor has it they have had an on and off relationship
due to Stefans "womanizing" but it is obvious he is very much in love with her.
Her initials are ** and she is a beautiful little redhead that every man in La
Jolla is after! Including me!! Hopefully he wont be able to control his manly
urges!! LL from La Jolla " *

Yesterday I received the same exact response from LL in my posts regarding Stefan Lemperle My guess? Stefan has a pretty damn good PR person doing damage control!

* Updated 12/15 Initials removed at the request of friend of Stefan Lemperle.


The Kitchen said...

Dang you're good!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Thanks, Kitchen! I aim to please!