Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ex Big Popa Lee Najjar Hosts a "Real " Atlanta Housewives/Socialite Fundraiser at His Home

The Real Atlanta Socialites and Housewives, unlike the Bravo imposters, know how to host legitimate fundraising events. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, who is a brilliant, beautiful, class act hosted a private screening of the the documentary "Pray the Devil Back to Hell" at the home of Lee Najjar. Rick Eldridge of the AJC wrote the following in his Peachbuzz column about the event:
"Not only did Spanx founder Sara Blakely’s bold-faced friends brave some not-so-nice weather Wednesday night to attend her advance private screening of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” they arrived with their check books in hand.
Blakely hosted a viewing party at the Buckhead estate of Atlanta real estate tycoon Lee Najjar and his wife, Kimberly. More than 100 guests crowded into the couple’s in-home theater to see the possible Oscar contender. The film, opening today at Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema, documents the efforts of thousands of Liberian women —- ordinary mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters, both Christian and Muslim —- who came together to pray for peace and then staged a silent protest outside the presidential palace as they took on the warlords and nonviolently forced a resolution during stalled peace talks.
Blakely recently saw the film in New York and was so moved she’s turned into an advocate for the documentary. Also inspired to donate large checks to help the Liberian women rebuild their country and their new outdoor market was Blakely’s new hubby, Marquis Jets co-founder Jesse Itzler; the documentary’s director Gini Reticker and the film’s producer Abigail Disney; Liberian peace demonstrator Asatu Bah Kenneth; G-CAPP founder and Poncey-Highland resident Jane Fonda (with adorable doggy Tulea) and daughter filmmaker and environmentalist Vanessa Vadim; Atlanta radio personalties Ryan Cameron, Frank Ski, Vikki Locke and Jeff Dauler; Pink magazine editor in chief Cynthia Good and her hubby, Bright House founder Joey Reiman; philanthropists Aida and Allan Flamm; Captain Planet Foundation chair Laura Turner Seydel; fund-raiser Michaeline Roland; Atlanta doctor and jewelry designer Lisa Stein and her husband, Bruce; fashionista Teresa Hebert; and attorney Gary Martin Hays.
The evening raised $10,000. Since the Sara Blakely Foundation matched every donation, Liberian women can anticipate a total of $20,000 from generous Atlantans to go toward a new clinic or nursery school.
Incidentally, the well-mannered crowd did not bring up those recent unsavory reports in the New York Post that pointed to Lee Najjar as “Big Poppa,” the mystery sugar daddy of the musically disinclined “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member/national punch line Kim Zolciak. (All parties concerned have denied the unsubstantiated innuendo.)"

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Scandalous Housewife said...

LOVE your insider scoop! When are we going to have positive i.d. on Big Poppa?