Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ask and Answered....Here is My Closet

When I moved into my house, which is an old 5 bedroom colonial, I decided to transform the bedroom adjoining the master into a closet to fulfill my fashionista needs. I called in a closet company and they did a fabulous job. My life might be a disaster but my closet is always organized and perfect. I guess you might even say that I have closet obsessive compulsive disorder. I have a designated place for blouses, jeans, other pants, pants suits, jackets, sweaters, scarves, belts, tshirts,jewelry and handbags. The shoes are in labeled boxes with a description of the shoe and the season and year I bought them. I thought of taking a polaroid of each pair but I have never gotten around to it. I have most of my handbags stuffed with paper to keep their shape. Ironically, I hardly ever change handbags. I have been carrying a plum croc satchel since November. I have recently changed out alot of hangers.....wood for the velvet thin hangers sold by Joy Mangano on HSN or one of those channets. They are great because nothing slips off the hangers and you can fit more clothes into your closet. Periodically, I will get into a purge mode and will go through the closet and dispose of anything I haven't worn for a while or items which are too small or don't look good on me. I have some friends who like to shop in the closet when I clean.

Some of my handbags

Small and dress handbags

Jeans, skirts. blouses and miscellaneous tops

Handbags, pants, pant suits, dresses

Shoes, boots, tshirts, suits

Unfortunately, the only place I can shop now is in my closet. Time to get creative and put my fashionista skills to work.


The Kitchen said...

Holy Cow Cougar - that is the cleanest and most organized closet I've ever seen!!! I shall NEVER show you mine!!!

Mrs. M. said...

Wow that is a great closet. I love my house (love it) but the only thing it lacks is adequate closet space. At the old place i could open it up and see all my bags, all my silk robes and all my other pretty, pretty things. Sometimes I liked to just stand in front of it and bask in the glory. Now however, i can't see a thing. It's a damn shame.

Jenny said...

I would love to shop in your closet!