Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Thoughts About Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger

Yes, I admit that I have watched this season's Millionaire Matchmaker. I am absolutely astonished to see how Patty Stanger has marketed herself to be the matchmaker of all times. Do I watch to see how many unhappy millionaires are unable to find happiness on their own? Perhaps. Do I watch to see which of these mostly neurotic males will throw down in excess of $30,000 for a one year membership to a club of mostly vacuous mass produced Barbies? Perhaps. Or to watch the pathetic cocktail parties? Maybe so. Do I watch to see Patty("Tranny wants a cracker") the parrot Stanger repeats her expensive crass advice over and over again? Definitely not. I am so sick of hearing "does the penis go up or down off the couch" over and over again. The real reason I enjoy this show is to marvel how Patty does not heed her own advice! Has she looked in the mirror recently? Or has she been looking at the airbrushed promotional shots of know the ones which show her with thin long legs and a slim body. In relative terms, Betheny of RHONY does not need her photos airbrushed. Patty does!Here are some other random thoughts about Patty:

  • She looks just like a tranny I saw in the Lucky Cheng Drag Show in Vegas

  • Her wig/hair is are too friggin old to wear your hair like a Patty Playpal doll...for those of you who remember

  • Her makeup is totally tranny just makes her look harder and older...lighten up on the makeup

  • I know that she has a makeover service...why hasnt she used it herself?

  • In light of her 99% success rate(hard to believe), why hasn't Patty walked down the aisle...bullshit on the notion that she is not ready. Don't believe it.

  • Her clothing is totally tacky and cheap looking....too short, tight and low cut for her body type. You are in Beverly Hills, Patty....why don't you invest some of your ridiculous fees and hire a stylist for both you and your mohawked COO and his goth girlfriend?

  • How about some charm school lessons? Perhaps you can consult with RHONY's Countess Luann.

  • How about some basic grammar/diction lessons?

Kudos to Gilmore at once again for the fabulous pen and ink caricatures of Patty. This show is over the top ridiculous!! Your thoughts?


Scandalous Housewife said...

I'm curious how the GD hell she even got a show? She's grading on my last nerve!

mary said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I watch this trash every week and don't know why!!

Her penis comments are definitely getting old, and I wonder if she'll ever seal-the-deal with said 'boyfriend.'

Atlanta Cougar said...

Scandy and Mary- How the frig DID she get this show? She is uber obnoxious. Can't wait to criticize her apparel again this week. ;)

Suburbia Steph said...

I just finally watched about half of one of these shows the other was actually pretty funny & even funnier cause she's so damn hideous!

Now, Countess Luann is getting on my nerves....why she always gotta throw her "Countess" status annoying as hell! And she got all offended when the Pizza joint didn't know who the hell she was. She needs to get over herself!

Actually, her AND Patty do!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE PATTI, this makes for great reality tv, she obviously knows what she is doing. If you all hate it so much why are you watching??? Turn the dial!!! She is laughing all the way to the bank!! Keep doing what your doing Patti we love it!!!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Anon- Patti Stanger makes for good train wreck television. I am not gonna turn the dial and I am going to continue to voice my opinion about the show just like I welcome you to do. Let's agree to disagree ane enjoy the banter.

xxxooo Cougar

Anonymous said...

She needs a total makeover, she's not thin anymore & needs to dress her age. She does makeovers on every guy she has on basically..did she see herself from the back in the blue and black dress?? Overflow on top the bodice/sleeve area!!! She looked like a stuffed sausage. For someone who has all this help, has no one told her she looks rediculous??