Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fight Allegedly Breaks Out On The Set Of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Two

Anger management therapy may be in order for the cast members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. reports that a fight allegedly erupted between Sheree Whitfield and Tony Shorter, an Atlanta promoter. Honestly, I had blogger's remorse after posting about Sheree's financial problems as she may have some redeeming qualities, but I couldn't resist sharing the following. Check it out:

" just caught wind of an EXPLOSIVE piece of news. We spoke to a person close to the filming of the Bravo show the Real Housewives Of Atlanta and they claims that a FIST FIGHT broke out on the set.Well – it wasn’t actually a fist fight. Sheree just GOT PUNCHED!!!According to’s snitch, Sheree was upset that an Atlanta promoter named Tony Shorter was publicizing an event using her name – which she claimed, she never authorized. The confrontation started off civil then –all of a sudden - things went left. The insider explains, “[Tony] called Sheree a broke b*tch and Sheree [retaliated by] calling him a [DERROGATORY WORD FOR A GAY PERSON].”And that’s where the details get a little fuzzy. According to our snitch, a split second after Sheree said those fateful words – a fist came out of nowhere and allegedly punched Sheree in her arm – HARD! The insider told, “I can’t say who did what to whom, but Sheree was hurt … I think she’s going to try and sue someone and get some money.”Dang Sheree … you shouldn’t be calling anyone out there name … But we ain’t down with no one beatin’ on you…"


Suburbia Steph said...

Oh, I'm sure she will sue...good grief!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Evander Holyfield lives in Hotlanta. Maybe he can coach Sheree.