Friday, March 6, 2009

The Little Blue Pill Strikes Again!

There is a first for everything! Some lame spammer/hacker left the following comment regarding faux viagra and cialis on my Sex and the City post the other day. I will not give them the satisfaction of providing their blog name or website. I guess this is the new way to get free publicity on the internet. I suspect that this is somehow related to the letters for help from Nigeria......Cougar becomes the love toy for the Prime Minister who is looking for help to get big $$$$$ out of the country.....all I have to do is send him my bank do suckers fall for this shit anyway?

"Investigators have traced fake Viagra and cialis pills being produced in secret factories in China and Pakistan, with distribution networks in Hong Kong, Dubai, the Bahamas and the UK"

Have any of my beloved bloggers been a comment victim of this latest scam?

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