Thursday, March 26, 2009

Millionaire Matchmaker......More Scoopage!

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I think I am a little bit slow, figuratively speaking. Before tuning into the 11 pm Millionaire Matchmaker show on Bravo, I decided to google Cidney, the woman who was engaged to Paul, Vegas real estate magnate, on their first date last season! Were they still together? I was totally incredulous that this could really happen but it made for good television for Patti Stanger for the season 1 finale. Long story made short, after the show, this match made in heaven broke their big surprise for those with average intelligence. Moreover, to make this story even more scandalous(shout out to my sistas Scandy, Lushess and Steph, at the fabulous blog Scandalous Housewife, was that Cidney, portrayed as a nice, wholesome student , is really a Playboy Cybermate!! She is on the Playboy website, displaying what her mama (shout out to Mama at another fabulous blog, The Kitchen gave her. How interesting that Patti did not reveal Cidney's true profession....nude model, on television ! I think this is sheer misrepresentation. Just asking.....did Patti do a background check? Does Patti ever run background checks on her stable? Does Patti and her staff troll the Playboy website to find "fresh meat" for her millionaires club?Do you think that the millionaire knew this before he proposed or did he propose to get with a Playboy model? Did they obey Patti's 3 month no sex rule? Your thoughts/comments?
The following is a post by one of my favorite blogs, Astrochicks( who was totally on the story ! TMZ also reported this story in March, 2008, the day after the season 1 finale.

"She’s back!!! Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker is ready for round two. Helping dysfunctional zillionaires that lack social skills, or have short attention spans, who need help in finding true love. In Hollywood, there are millions of pretty girls, I’m surprised these guys aren’t able to find love on their own. Wait a minute, that’s right, they want a girl who REALLY loves them.
I’m curious, why isn’t Patti Stanger married yet? Maybe cause she’s abrasive and too bossy? Who knows? Although she has a steady boyfriend, they haven’t made it down the aisle yet.
A few interesting tidbits about our girl. Patti frequently berates her male and female clients when they don’t live up to her standards on “The Millionaire’s Club”. According to, many of her clients leave frustrated at Patti’s over the top behavior never to return again. (That would certainly annoy me if I was paying her $20k to $150k.)
What’s REALLY JUICY!!! On March 5, 2008 reported that two females, “Cidney” and “Marcela”, who were actively being “introduced” by Patti to her millionaire clients were not who they were purported to be. The former, who was described as “a wholesome Jewish girl with a Masters in Journalism” was also a Playboy model (although that fact was mentioned in the episode). And it was alleged that Marcela resembled an escort working in the Miami area, although no proof was ever provided to substantiate that claim.
What do they expect for a gold digging service? My bet is she’s a Leo or Aries. What do you think? Either way, I love the show."


Riff Dog said...

I must admit to watching that show from time to time. Along with the Real Housewives shows.

I guess it would be a little weird to actually do, but I think that if I were a guy using that "service," I'd still want to run background checks on any of the ladies I thought were interesting. Not that I'm judgmental, just . . . well, when you're dealing with gold-diggers . . .

Atlanta Cougar said...

Thanks for your comments. I am in the staffing business and before I send anyone out I always check their backgrounds. Patti never discusses this aspect of her business. She is more concerned with getting them spray on tans or hair color/cut. The lack of check is a big lawsuit waiting to happen...especially when these people shell out the big bucks.

inexactscience said...

$350 an hour in Tampa? She sounds like the average craigslist prostitute.