Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can employers and employees be friends?

Being a small business owner has its pluses and minuses. I love the freedom that business ownership affords me yet sometimes hate the pressure and responsibility it entails. I have had the privilege of retaining employees for up to 10 years.They are like family to me. Because I have had some really shitty bosses in my lifetime, I have transcended all of the bullshit to become a good boss. Over the years, I have befriended many employees....and have welcomed them into my life... like family. And over the years, I have been screwed over and let down by employees, too. And then I vow never to allow my employees to become friends. And then the next thing you know, my employees become my friends and family.

I have a dilemma. My employee has become my best friend. We have the same exact warped sense of humor, act goofy, are good drinking buddies, know how to finish one anothers sentences and can read one anothers minds. We have our own jargon. We travel together. But right now my BF has been sucking OTJ. He hasn't followed policies and procedures which have cost the company thousands of dollars. He almost got us sued but I was able to pull the proverbial rabbit out of my hat. So, where do you draw the line between friendship and work in this situation? I dont want to lose a friend . I want my friend to be a better employee. Can employers and employees be friends and how do you accomplish that successfully?


A Dating Diary said...

Thats a tough one!!! This is why Metro can be BFF with my boss, but it will never happen for me.

At this point you probably have to be honest with him. BC if it brings the company down, that brings both of you down.

Pan/Thanatos said...

It sucks when employees take advantage of the added security this scenario provides.
I guess you'll ultimately have to decide between an employee and a friend.
It's hard to "unspoil" someone and keep the relationship the same. Unfortunate, I know.