Thursday, April 3, 2008

Orgasmic Pizza

I am a true pizza snob. Having grown up in metropolitan NY/NJ, I was raised on exceptionally great pizza. Go to any corner and get a great slice. I have been on a personal mission to find great pizza in Atlanta for years. That day has arrived. Galla's Pizza left a flyer in my mailbox a month or so ago. As a serial dieter(starve myself to keep in good shape) one rainy night I had a pizza craving. I called Galla's and interrogated the person who answered the phone...where are the owners from.......what type of crust do you about the sauce and so forth. They delivered(yes! oh happy day!) an incredible veggie pizza with black and green olives, peppers, mushroom and onions with a thin crispy crust and delicious sauce. I was hooked. Fahgetaboutit. Tony Soprano would have a few slices and bring a few home to Carmella. Thank you Galla's. I am in love with you. The pizza was a natural match for my beloved Norton Malbec. I am one full happy camper :) The next best thing to the real O and I dont mean Oprah.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm gonna have to try that place. It's only about a mile from my apartment!

adatingdiary said...

yeah, our apartment complex keeps pimping this place.

must try!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Blondie and ADD-- This pizza is great. I live in Murphy Candler Park and they delivered in about 30 minutes. I think it is right across the street from Lowe's.