Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Even Cougars Get the Blues.....

I am so stressed out right now and think I just might explode. Work is a pressure cooker. I am pulled into a million differnet directions all day long and I can't focus.
To give you some background, we moved into an awesome new work loft which I planned/designed from scratch(like giving birth) in September and I thought I was making a wise real estate investment(ha!) after renting for 16 years. Business was going gangbusters. And then the shit started hitting the fan in November....I had a car accident driving to work in the morning.....just spaced out and hit a telephone pole and got a ticket for failure to maintain lane...in my own neighborhood. Noone witnessed the accident but someone heard the crash and called 911. The asshole cop had to read through his cop manual to figure out what kind of ticket he could write....I knocked the telephone pole over and Georgia Power had to come lift the pole off the front of my crushed car before it could get towed away. Cracked my ribs and bruised my liver. I had my dog with me so they only positive thing that came out of it was that she was not injured. I actually think the cop would have tested me for DUI but it was around 10am. Thank goodness the accident didn't occur at night. I was incapacited until January. I was unable to work out due to my injurieswhich means I pretty much had to starve to maintain my weight. Once you hit the cougar age range, your metabolism almost screeches to a stop. I considered joining the pro ana ring and becoming an anorexic or bulemic.

In December I went with MK&MH, my BGFs, to Vegas to see the Spice Girls. We got totally wasted at brunch. I pass out in the room and they call me as I was running late. I didnt put my cash in the safe and I was actually winning a lot of money. I dressed quickly and discovered later that evening that I had my boots on the wrong feet....get the picture? I keep telling MK and MH that I can't walk. LOL! We went to Red Square (the coolest vodka bar made of ice) at Mandalay Bay and we continued to drink. I do have this on video. Then on to the Spice Girls concert. I was pickpocketed sometime during the concert either when I went to buy popcorn or on the way out. I discovered my favorite wallet was gone when I went to pay for tshirts for MK and MH. I took off my boots and ran back to the theater. This is when I realized I had the boots on the wrong feet the entire night! I was certain that the wallet would be on the floor or that someone had turned it in. The security at Mandalay Bay was useless. They starting hassling me for having a camera in the theater as no photo taking was permitted. MK told them not to even go there. Little did they know that I did have pictures just as good as the papparazzi. Anyway, bottom line, no money, no identification and no credit cards in Vegas. The worst scenario ever. I had no alternative but to leave the next day after suffering through police reports, cancelling credit cards, changing my flights and theTSA...nightmare!I even drunk dialed someone I should not have called during the concert. I was out of control. I had the best time up until the moment I discovered that the wallet was lost.
January, February and March----business sucks, get my car back and a rock from a dump truck cracks my windshield...ofcourse the truck doesn't have a license plate. The dentist tells me I need some crowns....more than $6000. A psychotic applicant threatens us after she lies about her criminal background (serious drug dealer) and we do not put her to work. I had to outsmart her so she wouldn't sue us. My father's health continues to deteriorate. My mother is put on steroids for some weird form of rheumatism and it makes her wacky. One of my good friends stops talking to me over a misunderstood email. CIT and her hubby are having problems.I have several really bad dates and decide to stop dating during for a while.. My 13 year old dog is getting crippled from arthritis and hip dysplasia. The only person I usually complain to, my wonderful shrink, Dr. F. tells me he is retiring. My clients don't want to pay or pay very slowly so I have to make collection calls, which I hate! Last week my computer server crashed and MK takes a day off and I discover that his PC is full of 15-20 viruses. God knows where he cruises on the web when he should be working. I had to call in my IT person twice last week. My accountant calls me today and asks why she hasn't received my personal tax paperwork when I thought she had filed for an extension so I spent tonight trying to organize a mountain of paper so I could do my taxes. Did I mention my extreme insomnia? No sex? Have you heard of Calamity Jane? There is more but I won't continue to bore you.
Hey, if you have read this far, I bet you are sick of my whining, bitching and moaning!! So am I!!
When will this insanity end? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The Cougar needs to get back into her groove! Pep talk please?


A Dating Diary said...

whoa! thats awful! Sounds like you need some wine!

Just remember that everyone seems to go through cycles of just crap luck. And the only thing you can do is to just keep remaining positive and remember that it will get better. Once it does, you'll laugh at the crap things that happened. In the meantime its just one day at a time. Well, one date + wine at a time.

It will get better!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Thanks for your support. You are absolutely correct. It just sucks when you are going through it. And I will think all of this is funny one day. I do have a sense of humor...wicked at times. I am laughing about the car accident and so are most of the people who know me...in fact, they laughed right away. I plan to partake in the Norton tonight. Haven't had any alcohol since Friday night!

Pan/Thanatos said...

Man, talk about a cluster-fuck! And not the good kind.
I guess in a way it's good to get it all out at once, rather that little crap popping up here and there.
Perhaps I can help with the computer virus issues though.
There is an excellent, and little known about, program called NOD32. You can download a free trial every 30 days, or pay $40 a year for it (www.eset.com)
This program updates every day, gives you the option to send suspicious files in for analysis by a human programe, monitors everything (e-mail, websites, hard drives, files, etc) and acts preemptively. It will actually give you a window to stop malware from even downloading in the first place. Other programs only act once it's already taken a hold of the system.
Good luck with everything! As long as you have the drive to overcome, you will still have your sanity =)