Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cougar's Chillin' Update

My father and I stayed in last night. We had happy hour which lasted most of the evening.....drank Norton, ate shrimp, guacamole and chips. We watched Howard Stern TV. My father still has his sense of humor and heartily laughs at politically incorrect and "dirty" jokes. For those of you who are Howard fans, he had a birthday party for Gary the Retard called Garypalooza. Gary is one of Howard's regular wack pack. The show included putting him in a mock space ship and sending him to the moon. I was rolling with fits of was a riot. If you need to laugh, just watch Howard TV.

This is the link for the show recap:
After that, we both passed out on the coach and woke up at 1am! It was a really fun night!

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