Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A definite fashion "Don't"

Unibrows, makeup free faces and uniforms....could these Laura Ingalls prairie dresses be more hidious? And you think you had a bad hair day? Please send me to Texas with a pair of scissors. Can you imagine how many wigs could be made for "Locks of Love"? According to the sect's religious beliefs, the women cannot cut their hair because it is going to be used to dry Jesus' feet when he comes back to visit us..............hmmnnnnnnnnnnn.....how about some Egyptian cotton towels?


A Dating Diary said...

these dresses are heinous!

but how do they get their braids to stay in place?? they don't move!

Atlanta Cougar said...

LOL! The braids are probably surgically attached to their bodies. The poof in the front really gets me.