Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cougar's Chillin' in the Den..............

I will be chilling at home for the next week. My father has Alzheimer's in the early phase and my mother, the primary caregiver, is taking a much deserved week away in NY. My father is the most wonderful person. This wretched disease just continues to wear him down. It just breaks my heart and pisses me off. Thankfully, because he has always had a sweet disposition, he remains even more so throughout the disease. It is just heartbreaking. My dad, as I knew him, is gone but the essence of the man is still shining through.

Anyway, we are in and since I dont cook, I am making reservations and getting take out. Costco has the best prepared meals for those of us who are cooking challenged.....just pop them in the oven and it looks like you slaved over the stove for days. We are sharing my supply of Norton, and since my mother is away, my father drinks a little more than usual.

Our dogs, Coco and Duchess, 13 and 15 respectively, are hanging out too. Family time. It's all good.

I will have cabin fever by next weekend so watch out Atlanta.....the Cougar will be back on the prowl.


Pan/Thanatos said...

Thanks for sharing the experience. It's inspiring to anyone with a family member suffering from the disease.

Atlanta Cougar said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's all about support.