Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My favorite summertime cocktail...the caipirinha

This is the first time I am posting about my favorite place on none....Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I have been traveling there for years and love everything about it...the physical beauty, the energy, the beautiful people, the amazing self taught artists, jewelry, the great food, the fabulous shopping for shoes , handbags and for jeans which fit beautifully if you have a butt and also for my favorite cocktail, the caipirinha. It is the national drink of Brazil made from 80 proof sugar cane liquor. It is small but packs a powerful punch. A few caipirinhas in the heat can bring the most professional drinker to his or her knees.

The International Bartender Association has designated it as one of their Official Cocktails and has labeled it one of the 50 greatest drinks of all time.

In the event that you have never tried a caipirinha, go to your local liquor store and buy some cachaca. Here is the recipe:

In an old fashioned or (flat bottomed) on-the-rocks glass, add: 2 to 3 (depending on size) key limes cut into thin slices (approximately 1/8 inch thick). some people like to peel the limes before slicing but this eliminates the lime oil in the peel, which many believe to be essential for an 'authentic' taste. You may want to remove any seeds before muddling ... unless you're fond of straining them through your teeth. Add 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons of sugar to the top of the lime slices (Brazilians like it VERY sweet) Muddle (mash) sugar and limes together well Add 2 to 3 shots (ounces) cacha├ža Stir well to thoroughly dissolve the sugar, add cracked ice, stir, enjoy ... and think tropical thoughts! Serves 1
Yes, I did take this photo of Rio at sunset from the top of Corcorvado, the statue of Christ which stands above the city. It is simply breathtaking and the spiritual center of my the shoe stores, at the Hippie Market and also at the top of Corcorvado.


A Dating Diary said...

ok, I want one of those drinks now!!

Tina said...

Hey! I'm a friend of ADD. My FAVORITE cachaca is Rio D...I may have some personal interest in it, but seriously, I love the stuff.

Rio D has regular cachaca and flavored cachacas, so you can mix it up. My favorite is to use their Passion Rio D to make the caipirinha. You can also try different types of fruits. I like strawberries with an orange slice meddled with the sugar with the passion or regular cachaca. You can check out Rio D's website for other recipes, too!

I wish it were 5. It would be such a great day for a caipirinha!!!

Pan/Thanatos said...

That looks like a tasty drink. It seems pretty close to a mojito (minus the mint leaves), which I love.
And I'm officially jealous of your Brazilian excursions. =)

Atlanta Cougar said...

Tina- Thanks for the link~ I will add it to my blog. Where do you sell Rio D in Atlanta and how are you involved in the cachaca world? You must turn ADD onto cachacas. I usually use splenda instead of sugar and tons of limes....shaken in a martini strainer.I have introduced all of my friends to caipirinhas after watching them made at the bars in Rio and enjoying them so much. The first sip is always killer!

Pan--If you like mojitos, you will love caipirinhas. They are definitely stronger in alcohol level and flavor. And I will be happy to share more Rio pictures in the blog. It is paradise.

Pan/Thanatos said...

*sigh*... one day maybe I'll find that out first hand. In the meantime, I'm gonna hold on to the recipe. Looking forward to pics of beautiful scenery. =)